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There’s nothing to fear

This servant charged the master with exploitation: Others did the sowing, but he reaped. So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed?

‘Ultralight Beam’

But Jesus was not sanctioning slavery any more than He was sanctioning theft when He talked about returning like a thief in the night. He was using a social structure that made His point. But there is another element. Slavery to Christ is a joyful slavery. It is a slavery that we delight in, because this Master is so good, fair and right.

But make no mistake, it is a Master-slave relationship.

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But if he is the slave of the master, not undertaking the task and instead putting the money in the ground is flagrant disobedience. The other two slaves are delighted to serve this master. They act with faithfulness and immediately make their investments. This third fellow wants to go his own, independent route. The master commands that the bag of gold be taken from him and given to the man with 10 bags.

Waiting For Jesus Christ’s Return – Christ Covenant Church

Those who have not worked at all, even what they have will be taken from them. The worthless servant is thrown outside into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Our task while we wait for the Lord Jesus is not to improve our own assets. Oh, I know we have social and family responsibilities that are laid upon us in the Word of God. But if we focus all of our energy and attention on increasing our own assets, what will we have to show the Master when we die? While we wait, we are to be laying up treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust do not corrode, where thieves do not dig through and steal Matthew In the parable of the virgins, which precedes the parable of the talents, the foolish virgins failed by thinking their part was too easy.

As I was dozing off, I thought to myself: How do I live with the spirit of expectation? What does this mean to me? It used to be that it would strike a fear in my heart; I was afraid I would be left behind. She was scared that she would not be ready when He came. As my friend and I talked it over, I remembered an example I had heard before; an analogy of what it is like for us who are waiting for Jesus to come.

Imagine someone you loved dearly had been away on a long trip, and they were soon to return to you.

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You would constantly be at the harbor, waiting eagerly by the dock and watching expectantly for the ship to appear. You would be excitedly anticipating seeing your loved one again!

Second Coming

I should be expectantly, excitedly waiting — living in anticipation of that day. That is far different than being fearful and dreading it. The main thing is that I am faithful today to do what God shows me. If I do this day after day, year after year, then I will be ready, when He returns to collect those who loved His appearing. Then I have absolutely nothing to fear! I thought about the story of Mary and Martha. Luke Martha was worried and troubled about many things, and to the contrary, Mary was occupied with one thing that was needful: the part that would not be taken away from her.

I can be so busy and occupied with everything going on around me, and easily get bogged down. He also warns His people of that day, the Jews, that this ignorance and this idolatry will one day come to an end. Paul quotes this verse in Philippians to point to the return of Christ as the final demonstration of God's glory, and for unbelievers, their last glimpse of God before their eternal condemnation.

Both Isaiah and Paul point to the fact that the final justice will be that scoffers and doubters, and idolaters and unbelievers will be forced to confess to their dismay that what they so vigorously rejected in this life turned out to be true and the cause of their banishment into darkness.

When Jesus returns it will be impossible to deny His existence, His position and His power — even the Taliban will concede His Lordship!

For believers, His appearance will be a vindication of their faith and obedience; for unbelievers and the rest, His coming will be a final judgment that they were wrong to disbelieve, evil to reject His efforts to save them, evil to confess some other name. Because both the prophets and the Apostles warned of His first coming and return, we as believers should heed their word by doing several things:. One day you will be so happy that you remained true to Jesus and made every effort to confess His name to others.

Waiting on Jesus

Godless people, unbelievers, mockers will always be in the majority, they will always have a superior platform to scoff at faith and those who rely on faith. DaVinci Code. Do not let that frustrate and discourage you because even though they may have the advantage now, they will not have it forever. In the same way that you believe that Jesus resurrected from the dead, believe that He will return and when He does, all the mocking and disbelief will end suddenly.

Isaiah promised that "some day" would come and when it did it was too late for the Jews who had rejected him and all the prophets that followed him.

Waiting for Jesus Waiting for Jesus
Waiting for Jesus Waiting for Jesus
Waiting for Jesus Waiting for Jesus
Waiting for Jesus Waiting for Jesus
Waiting for Jesus Waiting for Jesus
Waiting for Jesus Waiting for Jesus
Waiting for Jesus Waiting for Jesus

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