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Interestingly, H. Blavatsky who was involved with spiritism started the Theosophical Society and also a periodical named Lucifer in The woman who co-edited Lucifer with her was the medium now called a channeler Mabel Collins. Mabel Collins later had a disagreement with H. Oppenheim, Janet. The Other World. Cambridge, Eng. Press, p. And it is possible that a few of the Rockefellers joined Lucis Trust which is an extension of Theosophy a well as members of the Hall family such as Manly P.

Hall whose wife was a Bauer very likely part of the Rothschild bloodline. This pattern that Bonewitz has pointed out to us, is worthy of continued investigation, it is likely that other leading families have also followed the pattern he describes. The 13 top Illuminati families are more correctly described as 13 bloodlines.

The Collins family had a branch that shot off from it during the early s which was the Todd family. The Todd family branch remained an important part of the Illuminati. We will now discuss this branch in more detail as I said I might in the Feb.

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Thelma Todd was known as Hot Toddy. She was an extremely sexy movie actress, but she also had another side to her. She was intimately involved with the mob, and men like Lucky Luciano. Hot Toddy was intimate with Lucky Luciano, who made money from gambling, drugs, and prostitution. In , she was murdered. In , the book Hot Toddy by Andy Edmonds solves the murder, which the police did not want to solve and tried to cover up.

Thelma was originally from Andover St, Lawrence, Mass. Her father was John Shaw Todd and her mother Alice. Her father had been a corrupted police lieutenant before going into politics. By , John Todd became "one of the most important men in the East. He was appointed Massachusetts director of public health and welfare, a job that gave him carte blanche to write checks and approve construction and medical contracts, offer political positions on high-paying state committees most as repayment for favors , and pass funding along to handpicked organizations and charities.

Many believed he lined his pockets on more than one appointment or contract. Hot Toddy.

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In , he became a "political advisor" to legislators. In , he used his influence to get good reviews in newspapers of the film his daughter was in. Hot Toddy had a reputation for going braless, for flirting with men etc. She as a teenager had a secret desire to be a madam at a brothel. Hollywood even in the early s was full of murders, the weirdest sexual habits imaginable, and most of the actors were drug addicts cocaine, heroin, and booze. That was years before these habits hit the mainstream of American life. Many actors were homosexual. Many if not most the lists I have seen would indicate most actors were Jewish.

Charles Luciano was nicknamed Charile Lucifer, "the devil. Luciano liked Toddy both because he was attracted to her and she had a restaurant he wanted to use for one of his bases of operations on the third floor for gambling. The Bronfmans are outwardly Jewish and covertly satanists.

Remember they were mentioned in the previous Collins article being friends of actor Joan Collins. Rothstein and Meyer Lansky were the other two Bronfman distributors. Luciano worked for the U. II, and in was deported to Sicily. During W. II Luciano work for US. Where else in this newsletter have I mentioned the corruption in the Intelligence Agencies? After being "deported" to Sicily, Luciano continued to work for US.

Intelligence and Permindex Dope. He was an executive of H. Smith, one of those companies that interlock with the CIA, mob, and Illuminati. Johnny Todd is reported to have converted to Christ on Labor Day, according to one person I talked to. It seemed like the talk I heard Johnny Todd give indicated as his coversion date.

Let's Play Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines - Part 1 - A glittering gem of awesome

He was of the Collins family Todds and at some point after coming to Christ, told people he had been a member of the Grand Druid Council of the Illuminati. Before proceeding to tell about his life lets interrupt to discuss about whether Johnny Todd is for real or not. Johnny Todd has been discredited as a fraud within much of the Christian community. However, I heard tapes of Johnny Todd speak before I heard the negative things about him.

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What has taken me years to understand, he went item by item and discussed. I have tried to understand what Johnny Todd did to get discredited, and the central issue seems that a tape he made after he was converted had his voice saying a satanic ritual. If Johnny Todd was who he claimed he was, then it is an absolute given that he had MPD, because that is part of the "training", part of the preparation neccessary to become part of the Illuminati hierarchy. In other words, the negative things which appear to be insurmountable obstacles to his credibility, may actually if people knew what being involved with the Illuminati is like be items showing his authenticity.

Further, it appears that after his conversion to Christ, he received so much lack of understanding and persecution from Christians that he back slide for a period of time, but was brought back to Christ by the repeated message "Jesus loves you. After having done years of research and hearing someone tell me much of what I learned the slow and hard way, was very exciting.

Bloodline: Season 2, Episode 1 - "Part 14"

The man speaks like someone who knows Satanism and the Satanic hierarchy, and knows it first hand. I have listened to many Christians speak on Satanism, and on a scale of 0 to most of them are about step 1 Todd in my opinion, from the talks I have heard rates around an If he is such a fraud, why is what he is saying such superior information than all the other people? I know of no one else who has openly talked about the Collins family.

I could be wrong--he may not be legitimate--but I feel so strongly from what I have experienced that I honestly believe that the man is just what he says he is. And in that case, he is one of the highest Satanic hierarchy people to defect to Christianity who have been willing to talk. Johnny Todd is not talking now-the establishment got him put into prison in South Carolina. This article is comes from a tape which was made by someone who is part of the Collins Bloodline, one of the top 13 Illuminati bloodlines.

Christians need to realize that what happened to this man who left and tried to expose the illuminati, is what is in store for many other Christians, that is prison.

Shadow Bloodline – d20PFSRD

There are friends of mine who feel very convinced this ex-illuminatus is the real thing, and that he was really part of the Illuminati. Then, there are some who feed he is not for real. There has been an intense program of discrediting this man which was orchestrated by the illuminati and their plants within the Christian people.

I have listened to both sides of the issue, and then listened to the man himself, and I am convinced he is for real.

Shadow Bloodline

I believe he was really part of the illuminati. I have listened to hours of accusations that were leveled against this ex-Illuminatus even before he was framed, and most if not all amount to nothing. When I have asked people what their objections were to this man, they have said they are convinced he is was a Satanist, but that they doubt his illuminati credentials.

But the man is part of one of the most powerful bloodlines in the world, the Collins family.

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Whether he got high in Illuminati can be debated, but if he were in Satanism, which many acknowledge, he would have--almost certainly-- been taken into an Illuminati coven. I am John Todd, and this tape is being made in a prison cell in South Carolina, it is very late at night. All the inmates are locked down in their cells, but you will still hear noise off and on.

And if the guard comes by, I have to stop and be very quiet. The reason for this tape is that I have been framed and put in prison by orders of U. Senator from South Carolina Strom Thurmond. And only recently, in fact just about a week and a half ago did I find out how it was really accomplished.

The Shadows Part One Bloodline The Shadows Part One Bloodline
The Shadows Part One Bloodline The Shadows Part One Bloodline
The Shadows Part One Bloodline The Shadows Part One Bloodline
The Shadows Part One Bloodline The Shadows Part One Bloodline
The Shadows Part One Bloodline The Shadows Part One Bloodline
The Shadows Part One Bloodline The Shadows Part One Bloodline
The Shadows Part One Bloodline The Shadows Part One Bloodline

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