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Then he straddled her body, bent over and started to lick, suck and stroke her tits. Fran closed her eyes and responded with little whimpering sounds.

He loved her soft warm tits and could have sucked on them all evening but it was his turn with the dice. She had to lick his balls and so he stood up and she sat between his legs reached up and swiped her tongue up down and sideways. Although it was his idea to play the game in the first place he was starting to feel it was going too slow but then it picked up a bit. To his delight Fran greased it up with her saliva and then leaned over the sofa, sticking her lovely round ass into the air.

Dave grasped hold of her hip bones and slowly slipped his dick in. She was groaning quite a bit by the time he blew his load and they both collapsed on the sofa exhausted. When he returned she was back sitting by the board and anxious to continue. It was a lucky roll, a double six and then a four. Dave was beginning to think it might be a good time to quit but he had second thoughts, took a deep breath and as she bent back over the sofa he gave her ass a mighty slurp. On the bright side, his next turn required her to suck his knob and let him cum in her mouth.

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He was amazed at how much she managed to get into her mouth. As she began to move up and down his shaft it felt just like he was sliding into her cunt. And, she went a step further and began to massage his balls with her sensuous fingers. He was getting hot all over and sweat was dripping off of his brow. When he felt his goo traveling upwards he grabbed onto her hair and pulled her face towards him as he filled her sweet mouth with a super-sized portion.

Dave put his face between her slender thighs and crushed his lips against the pink folds of her vajajay.

Podcast pornography: how a visual-free erotica website for women was created

He pinned her arms behind her head, spread her legs with his knees and rammed his throbbing cock deep into her cunt while she swung her ass around impatiently. Great way to learn more about each other, and has a lot of great reviews and has been featured in many magazines! Great app to keep your relationship stronger! This app is a bit different from the other apps, we have given rave reviews for.

This is completely a relationship builder , not all about the sex, but the love and growing. This is a wishlist type app, it gives couples an opportunity to make a list of all the things they want to do together , and make it happen by using this terrific app. Also, has been known to help long distance relationship couples, feel closer. Give romance a chance! This is another wonderful app, for any couple that wants to keep strengthening and building their relationship.

This app gives you fun games to play with each other to make your relationship as strong as possible. Try their dares, journals, and show your love to the love of your life with this easy to use and incredible app!


Ok, this is for the kinky couples! This is a dirty and naughty game.

WARNING 18+Only! Three X-Rated Games

This game has over dirty, sexy dares and has levels. So, you can start off slow and sweet, however, the categories go up to level, Extreme! So how kinky are you ready to get? Dirty truth or dare is a great app for couples who are okay with taking things to the next level sexually, for the open-minded. But, it is up to you as hardcore as you would like. This is a dirty, naughty app, for the couples who want to really spice up their sex lives. Great app! This is another wonderful couple game app. These allow you to go from romance to kinky.

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It also is great for perhaps couples who would like to try new things , but are a bit bashful to admit to their partner. This app makes it easier, to get things in the groove and flowing the way you would like. So, if you are looking to expand your relationship and add a little wild time on the side, you will want to try this game today. This app is more of an educative relationship app.

15 Best Sex Podcasts - Erotic Relationship Podcasts for All Sexual Tastes

This was designed by doctors , that know the importance of sexual wellness and health! We took the time to really test all these different apps for couples, and after trying around 30 or so games, we found these 7 apps for couples to be the very best! Your email address will not be published. Table of Contents Why sex games are good for couples? How to spice up a relationship with couple games?

Sex Games Erotica Sex Games Erotica
Sex Games Erotica Sex Games Erotica
Sex Games Erotica Sex Games Erotica
Sex Games Erotica Sex Games Erotica
Sex Games Erotica Sex Games Erotica

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