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Service, Advocacy, and Community

Be very clear about your schedule.

You have to drive to different locations so be prepared for that. If you are in desperate need of money quickly, this may not be the job for you. I can honestly say that I feel valued by my management. They treat me with respect and consideration. I feel supported. I am proud to be part of the Visiting Angels MB team! This job can be draining if you allow it. You have to work a lot of hours to make decent money, and asked to drive far.

I enjoy some clients, and become close. Schedule can be flexible. Most cases you can work around your home life and another job. Management Nice, clients the Sweetest. I worked with Visiting Angels for a year. Management was really nice and I was paired with great clients. I enjoyed the experience, and sharpened my customer Service skills.

What Are Angels Doing in the Lives of People Living on Earth?

Low compensation and lack of appreciation. There are absolutely no benefits with this job and low pay as well. The only positive thing I have to say is that hours are very flexible but are not guaranteed. If you love helping older individuals and don't need a big income you may enjoy this job but don't expect any appreciation from the owner. She is only concerned with her bottom line and could care less about her employees. Wasn't enough hours. Wasn't enough hours and they call you to work for others at the last minute and take you off the axis care list if you choose or not able to go work for someone else.

They didn't have enough patience in what you had going on it was all about filling the spot last moment and everything.

'Real angels'

Ok place to work. Flexibility with schedule and ability to pick your own schedule. The only downside is job security due to employees only obtaining work whenever they have client available.

It is great being able to meet new people and getting to know them along with their likes and dislikes. The only downfall is not always having a set schedule and compensation isn't great. The management was awful, the job was wholesome. Low starting pay and barely any room to grow for a raise. Very unprofessional in management end. Good company to work for.

In-Home Care

Love the job but the pay is not good but the staff are really, nice and they always ask how was your day at work. They will train you and show you what you need to do on your job. Pay is very poor and raises come at the minimum. Caregivers lack the knowledge for basic care of an elderly individual and in my personal opinion are too old and weak to handle the responsibility needed. Good place to work part time. Work part time great place to work. I work their past 5 years and never had problem with management nor client. The office lies on you to you and to the family to cover themselves.

Longview office is prejudiced and they treat you like slaves. What more can I say. The only reason I stayed as long as I did was because I desperately needed the money.

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I would give them a 3. Care Provider for 10 years and enjoy it. It's need to be better pay and benefits and some kind of insensitive to do what is required. Being a care provider I do Enjoy my client. I love to talk to them and the smiles on their faces. Their training was a joke, no benefits, very low pay. Our in-home care advisors can help you find the best home care options for you. We work with your budget and timeline to find the right services at the right price. For those looking for a broad spectrum of care in order to ensure continuity throughout the aging process, Visiting Angels is a good bet.

Visiting Angels is one such home care agency, and it has a good track record of providing quality assistance to seniors in need. Visiting Angels Home Care was founded in , and began to expand through franchising in And it certainly has expanded: the company boasts close to locations in the US, giving it one of the widest geographic reaches among US home care agencies.

Because Visiting Angels has grown through franchising—a common approach in the home care industry—each individual location is independently owned and operated.

Angel's Touch Care Assisted Living | Howard County Maryland

Still, the national company provides training to its owners and also sets standards for its franchises, so it does exert some influence. And this influence seems to have paid off, at least among those who know the company best: in , an industry-wide survey of companion care workers, home health aides, and others working in home care found Visiting Angels the Best Place to Work based on employee feedback. They care about the clients and their needs as well.

As mentioned above, Visiting Angels offers a full range of companion services, including medication reminders, meal planning, incidental transportation, help with shopping, and other forms of lower-level practical assistance. Visiting Angels also offers a suite of personal care services for clients who need help with the activities of daily living, including help with feeding and toileting, help with mobility around the home, help with bathing and other aspects of hygiene, and other higher-level tasks. Visiting Angels also provides specialized care for those with memory impairments, care aimed at helping the client remain in the comforting, familiar home environment while keeping them as independent as possible and preserving their health and safety.

Visiting Angels offices are specifically prepared to help those seeking care for a loved one living in another part of the country. Their long distance caregiving approach focuses on streamlining the process by which local caregivers can be enlisted for clients who may not have support in their community. With so many programs addressing so many aspects of aging, Visiting Angels can address a broad range of needs as the client gets older.

Live Well with Home Care

Visiting Angels has hundreds of locations, and each one is run as an independently owned and operated franchise of the national company. It can, however, be tough to get a sense of a franchised company through online reviews, since reviews of other locations may not reflect on your local office, and your local office may not have enough reviews online to get a read on the quality of their care. One answer to this dilemma is to make personal contact with your local office and ask for references and for the opportunity to speak with current clients.

Another solution is to look at a broad cross-section of online reviews to see if any trends stand out across locations. We had a look at over online reviews of Visiting Angels offices, reviews posted by customers at a wide selection of locations.

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Living Angels - Living Life Well Living Angels - Living Life Well
Living Angels - Living Life Well Living Angels - Living Life Well
Living Angels - Living Life Well Living Angels - Living Life Well
Living Angels - Living Life Well Living Angels - Living Life Well
Living Angels - Living Life Well Living Angels - Living Life Well
Living Angels - Living Life Well Living Angels - Living Life Well
Living Angels - Living Life Well Living Angels - Living Life Well
Living Angels - Living Life Well Living Angels - Living Life Well

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