Landscape Design For Your Home - Made Easy!

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The tricky part is picking the value-adding landscaping ideas from the not-so valuable ones. But a new analysis from real estate platform Zillow identifies the home improvement projects that can help a home get a higher price at sale time, effectively increasing their value, and several outdoor projects were on the list—including some surprising ones.

All were featured in homes that sold for more than 15 percent above ask price—still a huge boost for home sellers. Other landscaping ideas that increased home value to a lesser extent were fire pits, hot tubs, picket fences, and pergolas. As people are spending more time outdoors, brushing up on spring lawn care tips, and thinking about what landscaping ideas might help them love their homes even more, keeping these projects in mind could help them make smarter decisions that will pay off—literally—in the long run.

By Lauren Phillips April 12, Pin FB ellipsis More. An inexpensive campout makes for THE best summer family fun night, and your backyard is prime real estate for the job. Map out a designated corner preferably close to the house for quick snack runs , then roll out your sleeping bags, set the mood with string lights, and gather around the fire pit for some good-old marshmallow roasting. Keep the setup intact for the rest of the season—because your kids won't be able to get enough.

Repurpose old decorative dishes into mosaic tile pieces, which you can easily affix to plain old terracotta pots in your garden. Get the tutorial at The Vintage Butterly. Who said the best seat in the house has to be in the house itself?

Landscaping Made Easy

Set up shop in the backyard, whether for sunbathing or an outdoor movie party, while cozied up against one of these handmade chairs. Get the tutorial at Not Just A Housewife. With a DIY lemonade stand this well-decorated, you can safely bet your backyard will be the most popular one on the block.

Your kiddos can man this adorable station for years to come. Get the tutorial at Fantabulosity. Get the tutorial at Beyond The Picket Fence. Meet the latest hosting game changer: an outdoor, Murphy-style mini bar. Stock with your go-to food and drink essentials, serve, and then neatly fold everything away once the party's over. Get the tutorial at Live Laugh Rowe. No need to splurge on a classic, French-style backyard bench when you can easily craft your own.

Scout out two identical chairs the prettier, the better! Get the tutorial at An Oregon Cottage.

Easy Landscaping for Beginner

Has anything ever sounded more divine than a sunny Saturday siesta? Make this dream a reality by installing the comfiest of lounge spots from a nearby tree. Get the tutorial at The Merrythought. Looking to add some height and originality to your plant display? This chair DIY, which only takes 30 minutes of manpower, meets both criteria with flying colors literally. Get the tutorial at Motherhood in Style.

Meet the most organized DIY storage unit ever. With more than enough room for outdoor treats and summer beverages, you have no excuse to not take advantage of your backyard space until the sun goes down weather permitting, that is. Get the tutorial at A Burst of Beautiful.

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No more schlepping your kitchen chairs back and forth whenever the itch for a fireside hangout hits. These backyard-worthy seats can hold up to the elements while hardly appearing handmade. An easy DIY privacy wall can seamlessly close off your patio, or even establish a secluded corner on the lawn. Layer with a worn window or mirror for extra dimension. Get the tutorial at Table and Hearth. The stock tank pool trend is only gaining traction, and for good reason: it's the perfect way to cool off without the sweat of an in-ground pool installation. Get the tutorial. If you told us two metal trash cans could make for a charming work space, we'd admittedly be skeptical, but when topped with an old door and flanked by geranium red metal stools, somehow it just works.

You can easily transform a basic backyard shed into a gorgeous space—complete with a barn quilt—in just 48 hours. Start by hanging checkered fabric by installing a rope across the peak of the shed and draping the fabric over using a staple gun to attach fabric to the walls this shed required about 30 yard of fabric. Then hang an upholstered blue couch to create a unique seating area.

17 Free Landscape Design Software To Design Your Garden – The Self-Sufficient Living

And finish the shed by accessorizing with a bar cart, rug, and decorative baskets and plants. Heartland Estate shed available at heartlandind. Ready to go all out this summer? Go galvanized this season and repurpose a grain silo into a rustic bar for your backyard.

A DIY monogram planter is a cute personalized touch to any backyard. Blogger Cassity writes that, thanks to this planter's nifty design, she can replant blooms as often as she'd like. Get the tutorial at Remodelaholic. Who doesn't love gathering around a warm fire on a summer night? Get the tutorial at Old World Garden Farms. A pretty pergola seems like an expensive endeavor, but you can easily build one on a budget. The size of your backyard will determine how big or small it will be, but this design's dimensions can be altered to fit any space.

Get the tutorial at The Created Home. Power couple Jamin and Ashley Mills, who are behind the incredible designs of The Handmade Home , built a two-story backyard hideaway for their kids. Take a peek inside. This lounge is a combination of new and reused: The gazebo from Home Depot helped anchor this small back patio, and a couch and thrift store chairs were given a DIY makeover to create a cozy outdoor seating area. And how cute is that coffee table made from a galvanized tub and a wire spool?

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget (DIY Landscape Design)

Get the tutorial at Liz Marie Blog. A sandbox is still a great place for kids of all ages to play. You can make one with just basic supplies from a hardware store—and don't forget to add a DIY sunshield so little ones can avoid sunburns. Get the tutorial at Design Dining and Diapers. All it takes is a strand of rope lights with end caps and garden staples for an easy and affordable way to light your backyard pathways at night. Get the tutorial at Christmas Lights Etc. If you don't have an existing structure to hang string lights from, anchor poles into planters with cement, then add plants this blogger used lemongrass and citronella to ward off bugs.

2. Think About Color, Height, and Texture

Get the tutorial at Bless'er House. Tour the rest of this creative garden. Ready to start your own garden?

Landscape Design For Your Home - Made Easy!
Landscape Design For Your Home - Made Easy!
Landscape Design For Your Home - Made Easy!
Landscape Design For Your Home - Made Easy!
Landscape Design For Your Home - Made Easy!
Landscape Design For Your Home - Made Easy!
Landscape Design For Your Home - Made Easy!
Landscape Design For Your Home - Made Easy!

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