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The Nazis enjoyed her profiles so much, in fact, that they asked her to become a spy for them, something Arvad said she would consider. Instead, it was her wake-up call. She took the next plane to Copenhagen, Denmark, stunned and scared. She was still wed — her second marriage, following a brief teenage union — to Hungarian film director Paul Fejos at the time. For a while, the pair entertained the idea of marriage, with Kennedy even visiting a priest to inquire about Arvad converting to Catholicism and having her first two unions annulled.

Eventually, Joseph Kennedy would have his way. Joe had the leverage to break up the relationship. You have these two remarkable people, with all the charm and charisma in the world — they have everything in the world except the one thing they want, which is each other. The relationship ended in Kennedy would go on to marry Jacqueline Bouvier in After he became president, Arvad sent him a telegram of congratulations — but never heard back.

She stayed there and cried for hours. Read Next. Today's kids are getting ahead by learning how to code app This story has been shared , times. With Hitler to the End. Heinz Linge. Adolf Hitler. John Toland. Hitler's Spy Chief. Richard Bassett.

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Operation Valkyrie: The Plot To Kill Hitler (World War 2 Documentary) - Timeline

Giles MacDonogh. Spies and Commissars. Robert Service. The Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion.

Hitler's Spy Chief: The William Canaris Mystery by Richard Bassett

Alvin Finkel. Richard Overy. The Illustrated History of the Nazis. Nazi Princess.

Jim Wilson. Dachau Concentration Camp. Nicolas Simon Mitchell. Edward Crankshaw. Simon Berthon. Nazi Germany: Teach Yourself Ebook. Michael Lynch. Alexander Macdonald. Willi Frischauer. The Maisky Diaries. Gabriel Gorodetsky. The Truth About Rudolf Hess. Lord James Douglas-Hamilton. Munich, David Faber. A Childhood Behind Barbed Wire. Alexander Latotzky. Righteous Gentile. John Bierman. Overall, this was an entertaining story, but it does not satisfy as a work of history.

Wilhelm Canaris, the protagonist, is a fascinating individual with an impressive array of achievements. Some resolution of this central contradiction is essential. Yet, unfortunately, there is no substantive analysis or investigatio Overall, this was an entertaining story, but it does not satisfy as a work of history. For such a fascinating biographic topic this is a real disappointment. This review is based on the Audible recording. This was a fascinating story about Admiral Canaris and some interesting never known facts about Hitler and Third Reich.

You have to pay attention, because this book bounces around a bit and the lists of contacts is hard to keep track of!

Hitler's Spy Chief: The Wilhelm Canaris Betrayal: The Intelligence Campaign Against Adolf Hitler

It is a pity that his plans never came to fruition, as most likely this would have changed history, but what he did was astonishing. A must read for history buffs. Sep 28, Dave rated it it was ok Shelves: unfinished , nonfiction.

I was not able to complete this book. It appeared to me that the book was written for people with an in-depth understanding of the Third Reich, its government and spy organization, and at least a passing knowledge of William Canaris. I do not fit that bill. It also seemed to be written from a definite point of view. I had no way of following that point of view or judging its veracity. This is a wow book for those passionate about the hidden story of WWII. I've always tried to read as much documentation and books about the last world war but never bumped into Canaris' real story.

Reading this book helps see things from a very different prospective, and it's mind-blowing the picture depicted about the real involvement and culpability that England had before, during and after WWII. Jan 07, Paul Below rated it it was amazing. Interesting insight into the incredible world of Canaris. So sad to learn he gave us the means of preventing World War 2 and later of finishing it early but our politicians frittered the opportunities away Jan 12, Joe Oaster rated it it was amazing. Excellent history of this honorable man who paid with his life next to who people I have come to respect and admire, Dietrich Bonehoeffer and Hans Oster.

I have seen he camp where these men were ultimate killed for standing up to Hitler. Good story of this Great than. Thought provoking Very intriguing thesis and plot. A little overdone and repetitive at times but well done. As a historian I recommend it. Apr 25, Steven Z. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Wilhelm Canaris

To view it, click here. Some historians argue that he supported the Nazi regime when it was convenient and others who argue he was always in opposition to Adolf Hitler and saw himself as trying to save western civilization from the twin evils of Nazism and Communism. There is an element of truth in all of these assertions, however they rest on somewhat dated sources and should be grounded in further research. The author presents many theories in the form of conjecture, and to his credit he tries to present both points of view, but then does not reach totally viable conclusions, i. After reading the book I am not certain how pro-Nazi Canaris really was and to what level did his anti-Semitism reach.

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