Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy)

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However, when they land on Navohar, they discover a group of nomadic humans that has been driven out of their former colony by the Kong aliens, now lives in the deserts where the Kong do not like to go. A cure for the virus does seem to exist on Navohar, but the descendants of the colonists worry about what will happen to their planet if millions of Earth's children come there seeking it. Wagner in SF Reviews. Bell's first novel for young readers, Songs of Power, combines science-fiction and fantasy.

The story is set in a technologically advanced future, but it is the main character's ability to do magic that drives the plot. Imina was taught some spiritual talents by her great-grandmother, an Inuit shaman, but the woman passed away when Imina was still a child. Now the girl lives with her parents in a research station at the bottom of the sea. Terrorists have released a virus that is rapidly destroying all land-based plants, so "technocrats" are working on developing a way to grow food in the oceans.

The research station is plagued by technical problems, which the technocrats blame on sabotage by the terrorists, but Imina recognizes these problems as magical. Eventually, with the help of a skeptical classmate, she discovers that whales are using their magic to try to prevent humans from encroaching on their territory.

Bell's novels A Matter of Profit and The Goblin Wood offer an inclusive message about treating other sentient species as equals and being open to receiving their wisdom. In the first book, Ahvren is a young warrior who is sickened by the battles he has seen. Hoping to serve the emperor in other ways, Ahvren is tasked with getting to the bottom of an alleged plot on the emperor's life.

To do this, he must understand the way of thinking of the T'Chin Confederation, whose forty planets recently surrendered without firing a shot when Ahvren's Vivitare race came to conquer them. A bibliogoth, an exceptionally wise member of the T'Chin who is scholar and happens to look something like an ant, helps Ahvren understand why the T'Chin surrendered: their philosophy is always to maximize profit, and it was more profitable to come into the Vivitare Empire than to resist it.

Burkam wrote in Horn Book. School Library Journal contributor Mara Alpert praised the book as "well-written, thought-provoking, and exciting," further commenting: "It's got cool weapons and weird aliens, but it's also got some meat to it. In The Goblin Wood Bell "illuminates the sometimes spider-thin lines that prevent cultures from living together in peace," wrote a Publishers Weekly reviewer. Makenna, the heroine of the tale, learns to respect goblins when both she and they are caught up in a decision to ban certain forms of magic.

Makenna's mother, a hedgewitch, is executed, and Makenna flees into the woods. There, she allies herself with the goblins, whom the Hierarch is also trying to wipe out. For five years, these allies resist the Hierarch together, until a knight named Tobin is sent to eliminate Makenna. Instead of capturing or killing the young woman, Tobin falls in love with her, and the two work together to try to make the world safe for both humans and goblins.

Several reviewers praised Bell for giving the Hierarch realistic, sympathetic reasons for cracking down on magic so harshly: he is only trying to stop an invasion of his realms. The "sweeping fantasy" of Bell's "Farsala" trilogy "draws its underpinnings from ancient Persian poetry … and the relentless march of the Roman army," Sharon Grover explained in a School Library Journal review of the first book in the series, Flame.

More-recently retitled Fall of a Kingdom, the novel finds the Persian side of the conflict represented by the country of Farsala, which is attempting to repulse an invasion by the Hrum. The tale is told through the interlocking stories of three young Farsalans: Soraya, the fifteen-year-old daughter of the Farsalan army commander; Jiann, the illegitimate, half-peasant son of the same commander; and Kavi, a traveling peddler who is being blackmailed into spying for both sides.

As in Bell's earlier books, "the cast is fully formed: the bad guys aren't entirely bad, the good guys not entirely good," commented a Publishers Weekly reviewer. Although the Hrum are bent on world domination, they treat their conquered subjects as citizens with full rights, while Farsala society maintains a sharp distinction between the noble deghans and the oppressed peasants. A Kirkus Reviews contributor praised Bell's treatment of these issues of class and culture, commenting that they "are interwoven so well with adventure and archetypal resonance that depth arrives unannounced.

While Soraya disguises herself as a servant to gain access to the Hrum camp, Jiann takes command of his father's remaining forces, and Kavi ignites a guerrilla resistance movement. Forging the Sword brings the trilogy to a conclusion.

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Knowing that the Hrum army will withdraw if Farsala can resist the onslaught for a year, the three protagonists evoke the memory of Sorahb, a legendary Farsalan hero, to rally the citizens of the nation. Estes described the work as "an edge-of-the-seat finale," and a critic in Kirkus Reviews found Forging the Sword to be "memorable for its individual characters and extensively detailed cultures. Bell explores themes of loyalty and honor in The Wizard Test. Set in the walled city of Tharn, the work concerns Dayven, a warrior in training who discovers that he possesses magical powers.

Raised in a society that distrusts wizardry, Dayven is apprenticed to Reddick, an apparently buffoonish master, and later recruited by Lord Enar to spy on both the wizards and the neighboring Cenzars.

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The apprentice soon learns, however, that the motives of his own people may not be entirely honorable. In The Wizard Test, remarked Kliatt reviewer Paula Rohrlick, Bell "asks readers to consider issues from different viewpoints, and this gives the story added depth and appeal.

In The Prophecy, scholarly Prince Perryn uncovers an ancient scroll that describes how to slay the black dragon that ravages his kingdom.

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According to prophecy, Perryn must locate a true bard, a unicorn, and a magical sword to restore peace to the land, but the prince's efforts are hindered by the king's advisor, a traitor to the crown. Bell "layers the breathtaking action with a cast of fully realized magical creatures and universal coming-of-age questions," observed Booklist contributor Gillian Engberg, and Rohrlick stated that the author "blends humor and adventure effectively in this brief, fast-moving, and entertaining coming-of-age tale. Shield of Stars, the first book in Bell's "Shield, Sword, and Crown" trilogy, concerns fourteen-year-old Weasel, a former pickpocket who now clerks for the respected Justice Holis.

When his employer is arrested for plotting to overthrow a corrupt regent, Weasel joins forces with Arisa, a girl with surprising talents, to search for the Falcon, an outlaw freedom fighter. In Sword of Waters, the second work in the trilogy, Arisa helps her mother, a powerful military commander who shares power with Holis, maneuver through troubled political waters. Along with Weasel and young Prince Edoran, Arisa uncovers a dangerous conspiracy that threatens the fragile peace that exists in Deorthas, their kingdom. The exploits of a knight errant and a con artist are the subject of The Last Knight, the debut title in Bell's "Knight and Rogue" series.

After Sir Michael and his reluctant squire, Fisk, rescue a damsel in distress—only to learn she is suspected of murder—they must survive a number of hair-raising adventures to recapture the prisoner. Baker stated in Horn Book, and Kliatt reviewer Claire Rosser deemed the work an "intricate, intelligent story, told for amusement. In Rogue's Home Fisk must help his family reclaim its honor after a mysterious villain ruins the reputation of the squire's brother-in-law.

This trilogy provides examples of:

The novel "has the appeal of a dashing mystery-adventure," Baker observed, "but the deeper elements of friendship and family loyalty give it substance. Burkam, review of A Matter of Profit, p. Burkam, review of The Goblin Wood, p. Burkam, review of Flame, p. Burkam, review of Rise of a Hero, p. Burkam, review of The Prophecy, p.

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Baker, review of The Last Knight, p. Baker, review of Rogue's Home, p.

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Kirkus Reviews, September 15, , review of Flame, p. Publishers Weekly, June 12, , review of Songs of Power, p. Meister, review of Shield of Stars, p. SF Reviews. Wagner, review of Navohar. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. October 7, Retrieved October 07, from Encyclopedia. But the rulers of Farsala still believe that they can beat any opponent.

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Three young people are less sure of Farsala's invincibility. What they cannot see is how inextricably their lives are linked to Farsala's fate -- until it's too late. InFall of a Kingdom,the first volume of the Farsala Trilogy, Hilari Bell introduces readers to a world of honor, danger, and magic in this spellbinding tale of self-discovery. Read more about the PowerV Word Selector.

Legend has it that when Farsala most needs a warrior to lead it, Sorahb will be restored Please note that the Lexile measures for a small population of books have been recently updated. Enhancements were made to more precisely measure materials read in K-2 classrooms.

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Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy) Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy)
Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy) Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy)
Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy) Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy)
Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy) Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy)
Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy) Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy)
Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy) Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy)
Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy) Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy)
Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy) Fall of a Kingdom (The Farsala Trilogy)

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