Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3)

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Action packed from the very beginning.

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Lots of questions answered, new characters introduced, new battles and humans actually taking a stand! This series just keeps getting better. I still have one unanswered question. What happened to Vivienne? IS she or isn't she??? Now on to book 4. Oct 08, Mariya-Teodora rated it did not like it Shelves: urban-fantasy , contemporary-romance , vampires-p-r , fantasy-romance , young-adult , paranormal-romance , finish-later , witches-p-r. I'll leave it for now. I'm not impressed. Shelves: urban-fantasy , romance. Back again for more punishment!

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Actually, people seem to be thinking my thorough reviews are helpful, so who am I to stop now? You know, like a murder of crows? A shade of vampires? The second one… uhm… I guess it could be referring to something being colored in blood? The third one, now, uuuuhmmm When I think of the Bowls of Egypt, I think of ubiquitous clay bowls scattered across all the dunes of the Sahara, sitting there forlornly. So now it behooves me to try and figure out if it was used correctly, or if it was supposed to be bowels and the spellcheck missed it.

Perhaps the story will tell us! Sofia is being kept from her beloved by her father, oh boo hoo! Which Derek seems to be on a mass murder spree and her dad is telling people to get her out of there, so… which is better? I HATE that device! It never adds anything! Derek will now be played by John Travolta in Face-Off for me.

No plucked flowers wilting and dying? You could make it roses? Yes, that had to be in all caps. Any way you slice it, it was expensive. Seems like being a vampire is just like being alive, except you drink blood instead of eat burgers.

Fair trade for me. In extra hilarity, he forgot the bathrooms. That actually makes me really happy there, and I have to admit I laughed out loud. Over years ago! Not unless you have the Flash working on it. Aaah… refurbished quarters. So not built, just completely redone. Still not happening in a week. That would make this book make a lot of sense. Anyone else think of Mexican jumping beans on fire?

Just me? I r amused. Sahara means desert, derp. Some are.. Did the government of Egypt let you do that?!

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Do they have tour groups go through? To how many levels? This is bigger than the treehouses… did they get a mining crew in there to extract the limestone and sandstone and yet somehow not destroy the tombs? Human generators like we surmised before? Are there power lines going out there? Trust me, every single oasis in the Sahara is known because water is really darn precious in the desert.


Unless they give me some stupid vampire super power secret thing to explain all this, I might have to throw up my hands in disgust and put this book down. That and walking steaks? Gun barrel might, but targets?

Not unless you put something flammable there, or maybe something powdery. Hey, maybe he shot a water heater or steam engine? Tea kettle? Wow, some villain there. Does he pet puppies too? Sing songs? Poot rainbows out his rear? Supa smooth Lucas! What is with all of these flashbacks?! You were asleep for years! Jeez Louise. Yeah, yeah, Mary Sue story and all that… but even Sues like fight people, and sometimes they get beat up so they can angst over it, then win in the end.

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People rate this book five stars? You really are that much of a callous ass. But it was said in another book that they had cellphones! Go crazy evil on his rear! What I would give right now to be reading about blue-green eyes and lavaliers. Pretty please? With sugar and vajayjay sparkles on top?

Whip Sophia. Throw Derek in jail. Be a real vampire. Yes… YES! Vampire judges? Derek and some other vamps got whipped for the humans for plotting a revolt… and then they plan another revolt for the next day. No fight, no muss, no fuss. Wow, awesome confrontation.

Crimson Throne: Vampire Origins #3

I was so riveted. Grand Canyon? Done by water erosion. Yeah, it takes a long time, but still! Awesome plan! Make your own, idiots! Just have it be mandatory that every healthy human give one pint of blood a month… that would be, at worst, probably 5, pints of blood! Why all of this? These are the two most insecure twits in the entire universe! I would say it the other way around, but then it takes away any power of choice Sophia has. Please know that. Of course. Is her vajayjay made of the Holy Grail?

Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3) Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3)
Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3) Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3)
Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3) Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3)
Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3) Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3)
Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3) Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3)
Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3) Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3)
Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3) Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3)
Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3) Crimson Throne (Vampire Origins Book 3)

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