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Per FDA guidelines to purchase certain veterinary exclusive products you must either show that you have your veterinarian's approval by entering their unique vet code go back to enter the code or by requesting their approval using the form below. The amount to use is based on what is fed not just body weight. First name:. Email: Your email address will also be your username.

Please enter a valid email address as a validation email will be sent to it for you to follow to verify your new account. You will have 14 days to use your account without validating it. After 14 days, if your account is still not validated, it will be disabled until it is validated. If you haven't received our validation email within 24 hours of signing up, please send an email to info balanceit.

We will then validate our account as soon as possible during our business hours. I suspect bone meal will be too high in purine for your dog. The other trick I use is human baby food. Also, Greenies makes pill pockets. I know Balance IT is a powder, but maybe it could still be put inside a pill pocket. If this sounds like something you want to try, please check the protein level of the product first.

Hope one of these ideas helps. David, I hope by this time Sept. I also have a small dog that had surgery for urate stones and refused to eat the low protein prescription diet brewers rice, no meat so my vet recommended BalanceIt. They recommending I stay with the lower volume rice and chicken recipes.

Balance IT The Veterinarian’s Secret Website

I found it disheartening to have bought their non-taurine supplement and end up having them recommend the traditional rice, chicken, water. My search continues. My questions to you are what BalanceIt diet are you feeding your dog and has follow-up testing shown that the diet and supplement works to inhibit urate stone formation? I think the AutoBalancer for healthy dogs is great, but I would be extra cautious when creating recipes for a dog with special dietary needs and ask my veterinarian to review the recipes before using them.

I tried using Balance It to create highly digestible low-fiber recipes for my dog who had recently recovered from surgery to repair a perforated intestine. The recipes were almost vegetarian and excessively high in fiber. When I contacted BalanceIt to express my concern, their initial reply was basically a brush off that instructed me to customize the recipe, even though I had mentioned in the email that I had already tried that.

It seems that with the bug in the program the parameters of the program went through the roof. Hopefully your discussion with BalanceIt will be a wake up call for them to be sure their website is working. I am at the start of my Balance It experience. My 12 year old cocker has been on strictly chicken and rice for two years for IBD.

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Knowing this is not a balanced meal, and his folate level has dropped, the internist recommended we do a custom vet diet on the website together. Once she logged into the site, it was pretty easy to customize a diet. Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of? Would be very interested in others experiences.

Please let me know if the new diet agrees with your dog. My shepherd had IBD and it was hard to find foods that agreed with his sensitive stomach. Best wishes.

My April, You pose an interesting question about whether or not your dog will like the taste of Balance It. I understand your apprehension. I lost my dog in to the disease. My best suggestion is that you contact the company directly. April, I agree it would be good to introduce the supplement in small dosages. My Chihuahua mix loves it now but I made the mistake of doubling the dosage on the first time and she rejected it. I corrected it by introducing just a fraction of her dose 1.

Balance IT® Canine - Balance IT®

Thank you for the article and comments! I am about to try Balance It for my 6 year old lab. She has sensitive stomach issues and we have tried MANY dog foods. We finally just decided to home cook her food. Our vet recommended Balance It. Tiffany, Thanks for reaching out about starting Balance It for your dog. Hopefully your dog will feel the same way.

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It is a great product. I also cook for my dogs. I switch proteins between bison one week and turkey the next but the group of dogs now are young and healthy and I add squash, peas and other veggies. It is delivered to your house and the recipes are created by veterinary nutritionists.

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  • Good luck to you and your lab. From a cat parent: Our 17 year old Manx who is otherwise healthy had terrible runs. Flagyl helps some but commercial food goes right through her.

    Balance IT® Canine

    Since starting a home-cooked diet following the Autobalancer program she has had normal BMs the first day! Diane, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Bea, Balance IT recently changed their website and I find it harder to maneuver. But try this link to find their AutoBalancer program. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Add to cart. Vitamin, mineral, and amino acid powder to create homemade dog food. Just mix with fresh foods you like to feed and your dog enjoys.

    The dose of supplement is based on what is fed not solely body weight. Vitamins naturally degrade with time and the rate at which they degrade is increased when in the presence of trace minerals.

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